Private detective

We are a professional, service-oriented organization that emphasizes our client’s needs and satisfaction. Our team of highly skilled investigators will provide you with impeccable service and communication. The staff at Scandinavia Private Investigators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with your investigative needs.

Detectives in Scandinavia

We cover Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Our staff is located in all major cities, including Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm.

Hiring a qualified Licensed Private Investigator can be an extremely difficult and trying experience. The situation that you are experiencing may be delicate, embarrassing, and very confidential, and you may have only have a limited amount of time, or even just one opportunity to obtain the pertinent facts and evidence that you are seeking to assist you with your issue. Choosing a Quality Private Investigator or Private Detective is an Extremely Important Decision!

1. When initially discussing your case or issues with a Private Investigator, is is important to measure how knowledgeable the Private Investigator appears regarding your issues, and it is extremely important to determine from the Private Investigator’s responses and recommendations, if the Private Investigator possess the skills, qualities, and determination to provide you with the positive results that you desire.

2. Verify that the Private Investigator that you are considering is licensed. Ask the Private Investigator during your consultation in what State/County they are licensed. You can contact your local County Clerk of Courts Office, or your local State Police Barracks to verify that you are hiring a Licensed Private Investigator.

3. Ask for or check the Private Investigator’s online reviews. Check and read the Private Investigator’s GOOGLE REVIEWS!!! Feel free to ask the Private Investigator for additional reviews and references.

Career Description, Duties, and Common Tasks

A private detective, or PI, may conduct surveillance and background investigations on individuals, study crime scenes to search for clues, report information to the authorities, and occasionally testify in court. Some companies hire private investigators to complete undercover work, to conduct background checks and pre-employment verification, to escort valuable property from place to place, or to guard high profile individuals. PIs uncover facts about the legal, financial, and personal matters of people of interest. PIs use current technology to recover deleted emails and files and to conduct searches of databases for information about an individual. Private eyes may also conduct surveillance and interview people related to a case. Investigators must be assertive, unafraid of confrontation, and possess effective communication skills (including the ability to interrogate individuals). They must also pay close attention to detail to accurately document their activities for their clients and in some cases, for the courts.

ScanPI was founded in 2012 and is a traditional detective agency. The owner and founder is a female private investigator since nearly 20 years. The agency is located in Scandinavia, but conducts investigations all over the world.

Our area of expertise covers all the traditional disciplines (within the limits of the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish law) such as background checks, corporate investigations, pre-employment investigations, tracing individuals, tracing real estates, tracing heirs, genealogy, birth and death verification, verification of CV and other documents, alive and well checks, surveillance and other general investigations.