Scanpi provides detective services to individuals and corporations. We have a large network of investigation staff throughout Scandinavia. This includes Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Below is a list of some of the services that we provide. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us at any time if you would like to know more.

Bug sweep and detective services

Whether you are concerned about your home, vehicle or office. Our team have the equipment and the expertise to detect and remove even the most advanced devices. In business, information alone can provide the competitive edge that distinguishes you from your competition. That information could be knowledge of a particular process, product, supplier or even market research. First of all the cost can be phenomenal. If it was somehow leaked to your competition it could mean the difference between success and bankruptcy.

Trained specialists in your area scan for bugs. Often in the field of Electronics Engineering, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM). Most noteworthy in Bug Sweeps, Wiretap Detection, Surveillance Technology, Communications Security (COMSEC).
Our network of trained agents utilize State-of-the-Art Technology. ScanPI comes out to your location for an in-depth sweep that is often completed in less than a day!

Close protection

Executive Protection – ScanPI proves capability in executive protection which must never be mistaken for body guarding. For more than a decade, ScanPI provides reliable security personnel ensuring the safety of our clients and their resources. And we believe that the best executive/personal safety protection is based on advanced preparations and planning. ScanPI focuses on adequate information, liaison with local authorities and the use of highly trained professionals.

First of all a security company is only as good as its people – and that means we’re exceptional. Security experts have a vast amount of experience between them. From physical protection for politicians, celebrities, and diplomats to search and rescue. We even provide event security, security consulting, and private investigations, from executive protection to uniformed security, ScanPI can provide it all.

ScanPI hires only the highest qualified employees and subcontractors for our positions. Because everyone in our firm is in a position of trust. To meet our exacting standards, each prospective security professional undergoes a thorough vetting process. This includes multiple background checks on platforms and driving records.

Corporate Fraud Investigations

Around 70% of companies surveyed have reported losses through at least one type of corporate fraud in 2013. This according to an international report by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The previous year it was 61%.

There are countless ways fraud can occur inside a corporation. And more ways to deny, rationalize and conceal the problem. Which is why many internal fraud schemes continue for years without being detected.

In broad terms, internal fraud consists of asset misappropriation, corruption, or financial falsification within a business organization. Specific schemes include embezzlement, skimming, kickbacks and overbilling.

Most noteworthy it can start with nothing more than a bad feeling. About a set of events within your company. Something doesn’t quite add up. Or, you’ve discovered some evidence to support fraud being committed against you. And need some outside, but discreet assistance, to put the pieces together.

Counter surveillance

We specialize in providing end-to-end counter surveillance solutions that address issues. Most noteworthy espionage, competitive intelligence gathering and theft of information and intellectual property.

Counter surveillance tools are designed to help users detect and prevent unlawful and unwanted monitoring. Likewise detecting hidden cameras, scrambling unseen signals, or creating white noise masking. That prevents recording devices. At ScanPI we carry a wide variety of counter surveillance tools designed to help users protect their own privacy.

First of all we believe that it’s important for organizations and individuals to consider a holistic approach. Dealing with the threat of espionage, we will work with you to develop a cohesive, counter surveillance strategy.


Our private investigators have extensive experience with solving economic crime cases regarding counterfeit items. Most noteworthy bootleg clothing, movies, records, and cigarettes. ScanPI combats counterfeit items by working closely with State and Local law enforcement agencies to aggressively pursue counterfeiters.

To identify an infringement of a particular trademark, our private investigators execute a trademark counterfeit investigation. ScanPI monitors and pinpoints commercial exploitation. ScanPI investigators who specialize in trademark counterfeit investigations are presented with these inquiries on a daily basis. Likewise, the policies of the police department prevent them from going the extra mile to conduct a thorough investigation. Or they simply do not have the time and man power to devote to these numerous cases. This is why hiring one of our private investigator is the best solution.

Covert surveillance

Our operatives are retired police detectives whose expertise in investigation, surveillance and covert operations evolved from nationally accredited police training. This expertise was extended to training members of law enforcement covert operatives.

HR departments use our specialist surveillance skills to legally investigate disloyalty, dishonesty and employee absence’s within the company.

ScanPI finds out where your target is going and gather photographic evidence of who they are seeing! Likewise we carry out surveillance on your target wherever and whenever.

Cyber security

There used to be a time when mention of a private investigator brought to mind visuals of a middle-aged man in a messy one room office working on spying on spouses and prospective grooms and brides. It has been a few years since that visual has morphed in the corporate context. Private investigators, in the context of digital crime, are mostly erudite young men and women with a geeky disposition and a smooth savvy manner.

ScanPI’s Digital Forensic Investigations practice provides broad services related to the collection, forensic analysis and reporting of digital evidence in legal, criminal, regulatory and other investigations and proceedings. We have many years of experience in presenting digital evidence in the most heavily scrutinized matters. We can help build a strong case upon collecting and analyzing a broad range of artifacts, which when properly analyzed will conclusively answer the most relevant questions.

Debtor tracing